By: Kamille PangantihonArtwork by Zamantha Guanlao Words are powerfulBut it is their meaning which makes them beautiful Fiery and freezingLike seasons, ever-changingAll are depending Oh, how they transformIf spoken by someone whom we love and care for


By: Sharmaine AlilinArtwork by Chris Harold Medina May your mornings be a thousand times better than it was before—less stress, a wider smile, and a brighter vision. Look back to those dreams with roads that double up life’s storms;May there be more rainbowsto remind you of why flowers need rain. Yesterday was painful,but today,please choose …

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Garden Flowers

By: Kamille PangantihonArtwork by Chris Harold Medina Roses, sunflowers, and tulips They blossom from different gardens Gleaming with vibrant colors Diffusing fragrant aromas   Beautiful, romantic, majestic They grew alluringly in opposite seasonsYet they share a synonymous fateThey will be handpicked and soon wither  Some will be tossed in the sky with gleeSome will be drifted along with the waves of seaSome will be offered, some will be returnedAnd some will be kept in between a thousand …

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