A Chicken Soup and a Curious Soul

By: Kamille Pangantihon
Artwork by Samantha Denise Torres

I always ponder upon the thought of living somebody else’s second life… or the thought of who or what I will be in my next life.

Could I be the transmigration or metempsychosis of a famous celebrity, or of a serial killer, or of a poultry chicken? I don’t know. I cannot tell. But how can I negate the possibility of its occurrence?

What if the chicken that I’m eating will reincarnate as a human and I, in turn, will reincarnate as a chicken? Or maybe, I am a chicken in my past life and the chicken that I’m eating is a human in its past life?

Are the occurrences in this world merely a series of alternating events?

What if the universe follows a supernatural sequence?

I find excitement in comprehending these thoughts through my limited mind. It allows me to realize how little my knowledge is in comparison to the complexities and possibilities present inside and outside the universe. The concept of life is indeed a mystery that is designed for us to fathom – which only our curiosity can limit.