In Another Lifetime: I have Lived But for today: I have survived

Illustration by: Zamantha Guanlao By: Angeline Yambao  Have you seen my son? Have you seen my beautiful boy? If you have… Please tell him, I miss him. My beloved boy, who I used to cradle within my arms and help nurture. My beautiful child; who is the splitting image of his father, who I used …

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Illustration by: Angelo Robles Puhon By: Danielle Hannah V. Aranda Have you ever mourned for millions on the other side of a TV screen? Has static ever felt like thorns coiling around your neck? I seem to have forgotten my tapestry at home She lays in wrinkles and with aged edges White, red, yellow– the …

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Bin & Bin

By: Kamille PangantihonArtwork by Chris Harold Medina Oh, how majestic the deep blue is! Both beautiful and dangerousWith fishes swimming along with the waves And snakes hiding beneath the caves  Truly, the ocean is a vast bowl of mystery But what is happening to its beauty? The heart of our planet, the giver, the protector Is now losing the colors of its home  Once populated with vibrant hues of innocence,Now polluted with a man’s negligence Why do we …

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