Cyberpro Cyber Security

Asia Pacific College, in partnership with Cyberpo and IPV Network, offers a cyber security professional track for managers to help organizations like yours upskill and certify your employees and security teams. The training will have participants engaged in video lessons and simulations using case studies from Cyberpro’s cyber labs.


Understand the cyber security field and mitigations in the global and Philippine industry context.
September 29 – November 20, 2021


Formulate policies, make decisions, and report on risk for compliance.
March 21, 2022 – June 3, 2022


Explore the tools and techniques used at the beginning of mitigation. Most attacks will leverage psychological principles and begin with compromising a user, especially those working from home.

Completion of a course may be credited to units in an APC graduate course..

*Participants must complete course 1 before proceeding to course 2 and must have completed courses 1 and 2 before proceeding to course 3.


  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Cyber
    o Terminology and basic concepts of cyber
    o Definitions
    o Why should you care about cyber security defense?
    o Awareness training
  • Chapter 2 – Information Security in the Organization
    o Security roles in the organization
    o Threats and Risks
    o Information Security Strategy and Metrics
    o Information Security Governance and Management
    o Security Controls
  • Chapter 3 – Introduction to Malware
    o Types of malware
    o Email attachments and links
    o Mitigating the effects of malware
  • Chapter 4 – Networks Overview
    o What is a network?
    o The OSI definition
    o The TCP/IP networks
    o Cryptography
    o Secure messaging
    o PKI and digital certificates
  • Chapter 5 – Surfing the Web
    o What is web browsing
    o The HTTP protocol and cookies
    o DNS
    o Passwords
    o Safe browsing
    o How to become anonymous
  • Chapter 6 – Social Engineering
    o What is social engineering (SE)?
    o The 6 principles of Cialdini
    o The social engineering methods
    o Mitigations 


  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Cyber Security
    o Basic concepts
    o Definitions
    o Threats
    o Defense and Risk
    o Awareness training – CYWARENESS
    o Case Studies
  • Chapter 2 – Governance
    o Case Studies
    o Basic concepts in Information Security Governance
    o Roles and Responsibilities
    o Information Security Strategy and Metrics
    o Resources and Constraints
    o Security Controls
  • Chapter 3 – Risk
    o Risk Fundamentals and Basic concepts
    o Risk Assessment and Risk Analysis
    o Risk Management Strategy
    o Implementation
    o Risk Treatment
  • Chapter 4 – Compliance
    o Basic concepts
    o Popular Frameworks and Standards
    o Overlapping requirements
    o Strategies for compliance
  • Chapter 5 – Introduction to SDL
    o Basic concepts of SDL
    o Secure Development Process
    o OWASP Top 10
    o Agile Development

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Cyberpro is a global trailblazer in the development and delivery of hands-on cyber and intelligence training and academic qualification programs. The Cyberpro headquarters is in Tel Aviv, Israel, the center for cyber security excellence. Its curriculum covers a wide array of areas in the fields of IT and programming fundamentals, cyber security, and intelligence. Their courses are tailored to the particular needs of the trainees and clients and are updated on a constant basis to keep up with the latest dynamics within and between their fields of study.

Cyberpro’s programs incorporate the latest technologies to provide trainees with topnotch practical experience to become specialists in their desired field. Through its cutting-edge platforms, such as its next-generation cyber simulator CYWARIA, trainees will immerse into real-life cyber scenarios which will enhance their skills to excellence and push forward their competencies.

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