SoCIT || SCRUM Certified SHS Boot Campers

by Rhea-Luz Valbuena True to its aspiration of producing a global talent source with IT essentials skills, the School of Computing and Information Technologies (SoCIT) congratulates the 43 Grade 12 SHS students undergoing the SoCIT Bootcamp, handled by Dr. Manuel Calimlim, Jr., this 3rd Term AY 2021-2022. Asia Pacific College currently has a 96% passing […]

Ordinary Traits That Make Extraordinary Leaders

Ordinary Traits That Make Extraordinary Leaders by Riana Margaret G. Beduya Design by Riana Beduya (Made with Canva) We’ve seen great leaders glaze history with their magnificent minds. We’ve heard stories of those who dismantled justice thus, taking years and generations more to restore—burdened generations who believe this same justice may already be irreversibly damaged. […]

Love in the Time of Corona

Love in the Time of Corona by Your Yellow Dear you, I hope this is my last letter to you. I met you at a time when people don’t expect to meet someone new. I met you during the COVID-19 pandemic through an online platform. Our love story is full of highs and lows, and […]

Misrouted Letter

Misrouted Letter by Alex Dear Papa, You missed a lot of things, but I miss you more. I hope this letter will compensate for everything you need to know about the past years I’ve gone through. Ever since you left, we’ve struggled a lot. We lost your house, your car, your motorcycles, and your funds. […]