Month: January 2020

PTC Awards Accreditation Certificates to APC

Asia Pacific College President Dr. Teresita Medado gives a speech during the Philippine Technological Council (PTC)’s awarding of accreditation certificates. Photo by Mary Anne Romero The Philippine Technological Council (PTC) awarded accreditation certificates to Asia Pacific Colleges’ Engineering programs last January 8, 2019 at the Microsoft Center. PTC President Engr. Federico Monsada awarded the certificates …

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Czyrus Manglicmot — APC’s Dancing Heartthrob!

Filipino singer Michael Pangilinan (Photo retrieved from APC’s world-class dancer Czyrus Manglicmot Dubbed as APC’s Michael-Pangilinan-look-alike, 18-year-old Czyrus Maxinne P. Manglicmot lives an extraordinary life! As a Grade 12 student, he has brought great pride to Asia Pacific College through his world-class achievements. His excellence goes far beyond the four corners of his classroom. …

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Bin & Bin

By: Kamille PangantihonArtwork by Chris Harold Medina Oh, how majestic the deep blue is! Both beautiful and dangerousWith fishes swimming along with the waves And snakes hiding beneath the caves  Truly, the ocean is a vast bowl of mystery But what is happening to its beauty? The heart of our planet, the giver, the protector Is now losing the colors of its home  Once populated with vibrant hues of innocence,Now polluted with a man’s negligence Why do we …

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By: Kamille PangantihonArtwork by Samantha Denise Torres  Twenty years have passedAspirations were then categorizedThe ambitious, the achievable I wish I could play againAnd dream againLike a carefree childUnbounded by limitationsFuelled by imaginations I became so good at building my dreamsThat reaching them became too difficult, it seems I was tryingIt was tiring To walk through …

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