Publications Office || Graduation Photo and Yearbook Updates

Dear Rams,
We are pleased to share with you the following updates about APC’s Yearbooks, Graduation Photos, and Photo Shoot.
  1. Graduation Photos and Photo ShootThe 2021 Graduation Photo Shoot was deferred due to the second and third series of lockdowns. Hence, the photo shoot with our supplier did not push through. Should we receive a go-signal from the IATF allowing public gatherings in educational institutions, we will be coordinating with the Class of 2021 about the photo shoot and the yearbook production as well.The 2020 Graduation Photo Shoot is still in progress. Unfortunately, the series of lockdowns have affected the photo shoot schedules. Currently, there are still over 150 students who have yet to have their photos taken.

    We are currently consolidating the list of those who were not able to join the first two batches of photo shoots (March 2020 and January 2021). If you are a part of the 2020 Graduating Class and you have not yet joined the photo shoot, kindly fill out this form. 

    Meanwhile, students who were able to join the March 2020 and January 2021 Photo Shoot may now claim their graduation photos. You may claim your graduation photos personally or by booking your preferred courier service. Graduation photos may be claimed from Tuesday to Friday. To schedule an appointment, book your preferred dates here.


  2. Yearbooks

    The 2017 Yearbook (students who graduated in November 2016 and May 2017) and 2018 Yearbook (students who graduated in November 2017 and May 2018) are now available for claiming. Yearbooks may be claimed personally or by booking your preferred courier service. To schedule an appointment, book your preferred dates here.

    The 2019 Yearbook has now reached the final stage of production. Currently, the Yearbook Committee and the Publications Office are finalizing the yearbook cover and the paper type to be used for the yearbook.

    Older yearbooks (from 2016 and older) are also available for claiming as well.

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the production of the 2020 Yearbook has been put on hold. Once we have completed the 2020 Graduation Photo Shoot, we will be able to continue with the Yearbook Production.

    As the 2021 Graduation Photo Shoot was deferred, the production of the 2021 Yearbook was deferred as well.

    Payments for the 2020 Yearbook and Graduation photos should be settled through our Finance & Accounting Office to avoid delays in the release of your school documents (diploma, transcript of records, etc.) You may reach out to should you have any concerns or clarifications regarding payments for the 2020 Yearbook and Graduation Photos.