Intern of the Week || Julian Terry Bass

“I started my Senior High STEM education with a vague interest in technology and code, which slowly guided me to Web Development as I entered and worked through College. Through this, I developed a sense of my niche and interests which guided me to seek out appropriate certifications and work opportunities,” Julian Terry Bass shares as […]

Intern of the Week || Rhyss Brian Cadungan

“I do not think I will survive my internship without the Information Security subject I took when I was in my second year. The subject gave me a head start on general security concepts, security case analysis, and information security, which helped me during my interview and entire journey in PLDT.” Rhyss Brian Cadungan, a BS […]

Intern of the Week || Jeeno Andrew Cabas

“Unlike before where I would rather do things my own way and approach tasks with no concrete plans, I learned how to view and approach things in a more creative and systematic manner while engaging in team-centric tasks.” To Jeeno Andrew Cabas, a BS Business Administration student specializing in Business Administration, his experience with APC’s group-based […]

Intern of the Week || Therese Otial

“APC served as a training ground to help me progress in my education, hone my skills, and become immersed in the industry through project-based learning.” Therese Otial, who was among the first batch of students under BS Business Administration with specialization in Financial Management, was also given an opportunity to become an SM Foundation Scholar […]

Intern of the Week || Ace Bryan Lino

“APC encourages us not to limit our education in the school alone. They provide external learning materials such as LinkedIn Learning, which gave me a competitive advantage in the industry through certifications as well as additional learning materials to learn deeper about the software I wanted to master.” Ace Bryan Lino, an intern in Bliss Market […]

Intern of the Week || Daniel Eler

“I was a shy and quiet person before entering APC, but APC gave me opportunities in connecting with different kinds of people and taught me how to have confidence in myself, my skills and my achievements while still having humility.” Daniel Eler, a BS Information Technology student specializing in Mobile and Internet Technologies, is one […]

Intern of the Week || Ma. Ysabela Acupan

“APC taught me that it’s not enough to be book smart; I should learn how to apply these concepts in real life, as APC molds their students to be work-ready immediately after graduating.”BS Accountancy intern Ma. Ysabela Acupan notes how her education in Asia Pacific College helped her to become the person who she is […]