Sustainable Future Matters

Energy Conservation

In line with the institutionalization of the Republic Act 11285 or the Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE & C) Act. It is our institutional responsibility to adopt cost-effective measures for the efficient use of energy as a matter of practice.

Water Conservation

In line with the Republic Act 9275 or the Philippines Clean Water Act. It is our responsibility to ensure control and monitoring of water used and do our share in contributing to water conservation.

Recycling Program

To increase the awareness of the APC community on waste segregation, recycling materials, and maximizing waste disposal. ​

Transportation Policy

To ensure effective implementation of the APC shuttle service.


This effort is designed to provide opportunities and an accessible learning platform to learners who are geographically dispersed. 


The livelihood program aims to facilitate the transfer of information and green technology solutions to maximize community resources toward increasing productivity as a response to augment the financial needs of the APC partner communities.

Health & Environment

The health and environment is one of the basic and minimum human rights of the person. Thus, APC as a technologically and digitally enabled continuously explore innovations in promoting well-being and awareness of caring for the planet Earth.

Disaster Response

To provide immediate response to victims of typhoons and calamities, all stakeholders including students, faculty, employees and administrators, and administrators are mobilized in donation drives and relief assistance.​

Technology Solutions

The Technology Solutions program is geared to integrate with partner communities the concept of green technology and sustainable development.



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