APC Rams Tune In at Organization Fair 2022: Toon Mania

Photos by Terrence Luigi Matel
Article by Angelle Baligod

The APC Student Organization Association of Regents (SOAR), together with the APC Student Activities Office (APC SAO) hosts its first-ever onsite Organization Fair themed Toon Mania from October 20 to 22 and 24 to 25, after two years of holding it online.

Every newly accredited, reaccredited, and recognized student organization in APC participated as they designed their booths according to their chosen cartoon show or character such as Scooby Doo, Sailor Moon, Jimmy Neutron, Powerpuff Girls, and others. They also got the chance to showcase their organizations through their Audio Visual Presentations (AVPs) and posters which are posted on APC SOAR’s Facebook Page. 

During the 5-day long event, the participating organizations competed for five different awards. Namely: Best AVP, Best Booth, Best Poster, People’s Choice Best Poster, and People’s Choice Best AVP. 


The Best AVP, Best Booth, and Best Poster were determined based on the criteria of the organizers of the event while People’s Choice Best Poster and People’s Choice AVP were chosen through the total number of likes of their publication materials.

The winners of the awards are as follows:

People’s Choice Best AVP

  • First Place: APC Strings (with 529 Reactions)
  • Second Place: APC Dance Company (with 244 Reactions)
  • Third Place: APC Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (with 143 Reactions)

People’s Choice Best Poster

  • First Place: APC Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (with 603 Reactions)
  • Second Place: APC Dance Company (with 527 Reactions)
  • Third Place: CINEMASOMA (with 267 Reactions)

Best Poster

  • First Place: Animation Society (with a 93.75 score)
  • Second Place: APC Band (with a 90.63 score)
  • Third Place: APC Rotaract (with a 90.00 score)

Best Booth

  • First Place: APC Robotics Organization (with a 77.50 score)
  • Second Place: APC Microsoft Community (with a 71.25 score)
  • Third Place: APC Gaming Genesis (with a 67.50 score)

Best AVP

  • First Place: CINEMASOMA (with a 98.75 score)
  • Second Place: APC Microsoft Community and APC Chorale (with a 92.34 score)

Aside from these, there were also games and raffles hosted for the participants of the event.



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