SoM Fest (Day 2): Students continue battling for “All or Nothing”

By: Lemuel Ian B. Manuel
Photos by: Yanna Bayani

SoM students who took charge of the Ram Bar

The second day of the School of Management (SoM) Fest 2019 continued its festivities on October 24, 2019. Filled with excitement and thrill, the SoM Fest Head Organizing Committee prepared activities that truly tested the knowledge and skills of every SoM Student.

Family Feud

The day’s events began at 11:00 a.m., starting off with a famous western family game show titled “Family Feud” which was adapted by the Business Management Group (BMAG). The game was spearheaded by Marketing Associate Jean Lorraine Cruz and Public Relations Head Princess July Bautista at MPH1. The main objective was to utilize the knowledge of the competing groups, audiences, and participants in knowing the popular lifestyle at APC and in the Philippines. After a time of laughter and new learning experiences, the declared champion was team Blackpink composed of Phia Marie Laureta, Jesusa Somera, Sophia Sanchez, and Maria Nicole Ramirez.

Brain Blitz: A Battle of Wit and Luck

The next session of activities was still held at MPH1, beginning at 1:00 p.m. The local organization Asia Pacific College – Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (APC – JPMAP) spearheaded the event titled “Brain Blitz: A Battle of Wit and Luck” which aims to improve critical thinking skills, collective decision-making, and unity of the students. JPMAP Vice President Tricia Loraine Osianas and JPMAP Marketing Head Joshua Lipit hosted the event with wit and confidence. In the competition, teams composed of different SoM courses were tasked to answer random questions under the category of Business Management, Marketing, Tourism, Accounting, and General Knowledge. After a heated battle of the brains, TM 191 was declared the champion, followed by MI 181 as the 1st runner-up, and FM 181 as the 2nd runner-up.

Ram Bar as part of the SoM Fest which offers fun games and prizes for APC Students in the cafeteria last October 24


The Tourism Management Society (TMSoc) prepared an unwinding activity titled “RAM Bar” which began at 3:00 p.m. and took place at the school cafeteria. The students and staff of APC were highly engaged as they participated in the games. The organizers also had a giveaway during the event, allowing participants to receive some goods from SoM Fest 2019’s generous sponsors.

APC Student registers to participate in the 'Ram Bar' activities prepared by SoM Students
An exciting game of "Darts My Prize"