Senior High Students Gear Up At JDVP-JAVA Boot Camp

Senior High School students from various public high schools pose for a photograph during the JDVP Boot Camp held from October 7 to November 25, 2019.

As an institution dedicated to industry-academe partnership modeling, Asia Pacific College also establishes partnerships with various public secondary education institutions, government, and industries in order to do its part for national development.

Through the Joint Delivery Voucher Program for Senior High School Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (JDVP-TVL) or “JDVP Boot Camp”, Asia Pacific College aims to provide TVL-ICT senior high school students with the necessary training and learning environment to further enhance their skills in JAVA Programming.

The boot camp, which catered to over 136 students from three different public high schools (Kalayaan National High School, Pasay City North High School – Tramo Campus and M. Dela Cruz Campus), equipped Grade 12 students with the appropriate set of knowledge and competencies to be work-ready upon graduation.

Mr. Bary Reyes (left) and Mr. John Luigi Lopez (right) were among the trainers during the JDVP Boot Camp.

JAVA Instructor Mr. John Luigi Lopez notes that teaching in the JDVP program was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. “The boot camp has allowed less-privileged students to experience education in a more suitable setting, giving them the chance to use tools that would otherwise be unavailable to them,” he says.

Meanwhile, JAVA Instructor Mr. Bary Reyes also emphasized the importance of learning coding and programming. “Solving problems and coding with them allows them to think how IT professionals work. Hopefully, this would inspire them to become future professionals with good values in their chosen field,” Mr. Reyes adds.

A student presents his output to his JAVA instructor during the JDVP Boot Camp.

Mr. Jeremy Boison, a Grade 12 student from Kalayaan National High School, was thankful for his teachers in the boot camp. “Thanks to Sir Bary! I’ve learned a lot of things from him. For me, there won’t be a good student without a great teacher,” Jeremy says.

For Christian Victor Cifra of Pasay City North High School – M. Dela Cruz Campus, the boot camp was a life-changing experience. “It made me realize that I want to be a future programmer and to be one of the best among all. I think APC is one of the best schools,” Christian notes.

Mr. John Michael Meregildo of Kalayaan National High School expressed his gratitude to Asia Pacific College as well. “I am so thankful to Asia Pacific College for giving us the opportunity not just to learn new knowledge, but also letting us show our skills in terms of programming. I met a lot of new friends from other schools and learned different lessons in relation to programming. I must say that this whole java bootcamp is a big blessing for us ICT students to prepare for a brighter future.”

Mr. Christian Victor Cifra (left), Mr. John Michael Meregildo (center), and Mr. Jeremy Boison (right) are among the 136 public high school students who joined the JDVP Boot Camp last October 7 to November 25, 2019.

Asia Pacific College is the only higher education institution in the vicinity of DepEd – Pasay City who is qualified and equipped to deliver JAVA Programming Training, which is a specialization subject for TVL-ICT senior high school students. Until today, Asia Pacific College continues to address the need for competent and professional institutions through programs such as the JDVP Boot Camp.