Fragility like Glass

By: Jaime Gabrielle
Artwork by Angelo Robles

Precious like gemstones
Kept protected under lock and key
Just a small action
Could shatter the stone from within

Life is precious
Life is cruel
It is taken for granted
Who’s to blame when a mistake happens?

Our consciousness screams for justice when it is taken
But when it’s there, it’s ignored

Hypocrisy, I say.

Why is it that when it’s there, you don’t take notice or care for it like it’s the most precious thing?

When it’s shattered and beyond repair, the pieces on the floor
Who will help pick it up?

When life cries for help with a pained smile,
how will you help the broken to be whole again?

Remember that life is precious
You may ignore my words
But there will be a time when it happens to you
And all you could think about is how you could’ve helped

How you could’ve picked up the broken pieces

And how you would’ve been less careless with your words and actions

Because life is as fragile as glass.

Once it’s dropped and scattered,
you’ll get hurt 
picking up the pieces to form the person

Be patient, be kind

You’ll value the time spent
It will hurt and drive you insane
But, in the end, it’s all worth it