By: Jena GusiArtwork by: Delaney LeBlanc Here are five tips to turn boring things into something entertaining: Reward yourself.This may be the easiest but most uncontrollable thing to do. You may feel happy and productive when you reward yourself. However, there is a tendency that you might reward yourself a little too much for even …

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SoMA students showcase their prized “Magnum Opus”

Asia Pacific College hones students’ creativity by keeping them engaged with real projects. Students from the School of Multimedia & Arts showcased their innate talents and acquired skills by making art in their respective fields of expertise in fulfillment of their Exhibit and Display Design (EXDESGN) course. It served as their introductory step to the …

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Danielle Sambu


Ever wondered how theatre students always seem to have so much energy? How do they seem to be socially active? Will you believe that the shy kid in your class performs on stage with a jam-packed audience? Meet Danielle Sambu. She is currently a student in APC under the STEM strand. In her old school, …

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