“Capturing Emotions” seminar introduces APC to the world of cinematography

By: Crystin Espenilla
Photos by Kevin Balisalisa

APC’s CINEMASoMA conducted the “Capturing Emotion: Creating Film with Emotions” seminar last August 29, 2019, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The talk featured three esteemed filmmakers who shared their insights on cinematography.

Director Michael Lacanilao shares his well-known thesis to APC students titled “Building a Modern Myth”

Michael Lacanilao was the first speaker. He shared his experience in making The Escherian Stairwell. His project became a viral video and created a modern myth for the Rochester Institute of Technology. He also introduced the audience to different filmmaking techniques which he used in his project.

Director Jay Valesco, cinematographer and director for digital content and ads, pours his heart to inspire the audience

Jay Valesco​ then took center stage and tackled the differences between capturing emotion for theater and film, as well as the technicalities that every filmmaker must consider. He enumerated techniques such as composing a shot, framing a scene based on the emotions that one would want to depict, and utilizing light and color to reinforce emotion. He was able to open the eyes of aspiring filmmakers, showing them the intricacies of the job.

Director Noah Del Rosario shares his story to aspiring filmmakers

Lastly, Noah Del Rosario gave out pieces of advice on what to expect after graduating from film school. He provided tips on how to handle the changes that may come their way as filmmakers. He also shared a few trailers of projects that he had worked on in the past, as well as his demo reel which featured a number of his works as a director.

Officers and members of CINEMASoMA
A student participates in the Q & A portion
Members from the APC strings
Gualbertsan Sual serves as the Master of Ceremonies
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