APC’s Sanitation Efforts

While most of Asia Pacific College’s students, faculty, and administrative staff are staying at home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the institution’s very own front liners are occupied to ensure that APC remains a safe and virus-free environment for everyone.

Led by Campus Architect Manolet Garcia and through the efforts of APC’s Building Maintenance Office and security staff, APC’s front liners have been conducting an extensive sanitation campaign even before the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila. Here is a brief walkthrough on Asia Pacific College’s sanitation efforts:

Asia Pacific College's maintenance staff have been thoroughly sanitizing the entire campus through floor mopping, wall scrubbing, wiping of contact surfaces, and disinfectant spraying.
The staff are also making sure to manually clean close-contact equipment such as computer desks, monitors, and keyboards.
The management also saw the need to implement a procedure for people entering the campus should classes resume after the pandemic. To solve this, APC's front liners set up a sanitation walkway in both entrances of the building. Each sanitation walkway is equipped with handwashing sinks, bag hanger units, as well as footbaths in order to keep the campus virus-free.

These facilities are built in order to ensure the safety and well-being of every student, faculty, and staff in Asia Pacific College in preparation for the ‘new normal’.

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