APC Passers Explore New Environments through OutSystems Associate Reactive Developer Certification

APC Passers Explore New Environments through OutSystems Associate Reactive Developer Certification

by Nethaniah Jan J. Lim

The APC community reached another milestone even in a virtual learning environment, empowering themselves through technology. Jacob Catayoc, Michelle Manadero, and Zarex Alvin Daria exemplified APC talent even further when they earned the Outsystems Associate Reactive Developer Certification.

OutSystems is a low-code platform that lets companies develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and minimal coding. Many applications today are seeing a shift to low-code environments, and this spells out new opportunities for developers that want to branch out from traditional development environments.

This shift means you don’t always need to know how to code anymore, and platforms like OutSystems are making this workflow a reality. The fundamentals common to both Reactive Web and Mobile Development are covered by Outsystems’ Associate Reactive Developer Certification Exam.

  Mr. Catayoc, also known to his students as Sir Jacob, is an IT consultant and a faculty at APC. He shared his insights on teaching Outsystems since SM needs talents that could work on this.

He admitted that he was also curious as to why only one student passed amongst his class, so he tried it for himself. It really is a professional exam,” Sir Jacob said.

He stated that the certification is a smart choice for adapting to future industry shifts to low-code environments. It’s a steppingstone to set yourself up for the future. Instead of spending so much time in heavy lines of code, OutSystems helps shift focus to the database design.” he said.

This is also true for Zarex, a 3rd year BSIT – MI student. In an interview, he shares: With this wonderful experience, I was able to bring honor to my adviser Sir Jacob, my Database Management professors, and of course to APC and my SoCIT family.”

Michelle, a 2nd year BSIT student, admitted that the time proved limited to study a full course with 20 videos whilst juggling her studies. For Zarex, who only passed the exam after his second try, tripled his efforts and even created a Quizlet, OutSystems – Becoming a Reactive Web Developer”, to help him remember key terms and concepts.

The challenges presented while taking the OutSystems certification did not weigh them down. In the process, they proved that the future of technology is at its peak where they could help roll out highly-responsive, industry-grade applications through a new, intuitive interface. This digital transformation approach for organizations brings new learning opportunities for DevOps (development operations), digital services and solutions.

Sir Jacob shared his thoughts on how one can step forward to these opportunities and tackle these challenges. “As it is taught in the college, keep learning new things. Being open to new learning curves helps us become better professionals. You can’t just rely on what you already know, even if you’re already a developer. I keep moving to learn new things,” Sir Jacob notes.

“Know your own learning style or the most effective method for you to learn things. Whenever I face a big challenge, I expect less but do more…it would hurt less…but when we pass the happiness is doubled,” Michell shares.

Meanwhile, Zarex posed a challenge for those who feel that they do not have enough time to work on such certifications.“If a working student like me can do it, other students surely can too. #BeARam!”

Asia Pacific College is looking forward for more RAMs such as Sir Jacob, Zarex, and Michelle who will continue to pursue progress towards the mastery of booming tools, techniques and environments.


For more information about Outsystems: https://www.outsystems.com/

Zarex’s Review  Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/570137215/outsystems-becoming-a-reactive-web-developer-flash-cards/



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