“A Taste of Home”

By: Julian Bass; Artwork by Bielle Baral

By the edge of my palate, I live the Pinoy dream
Relishing the intricate emotions, carved on meat and flesh
That knows no other home

The hand; the same hand that has grown our nation
Fed our people, and moved our minds
Graces me with a fare that warms my heart; boils my blood

The first aroma, tantalizing and intimate 
Flows like an old friend returning home
Greeting one another with a smile

A taste is all but bland in the house of the Filipino
The brazen tones of red, blue, and yellow
Saturate the gastronomical delights gifted by our time
The pinnacle of the hearth’s art

For the man of the land, it is a ‘calm’ among the chaos
He looks upon his tray, clothed in dignity and joy
For the foreign soul, a poignant welcome
He feels as one with his neighbors, bathed with love and care

Born of our culture, they are more than mere respite
They dance with the flavors of which we thrive
Mending bonds, and kindling the fire
Of we, who seethe with pride