A Light That Never Goes

By: Kamille G. Pangantihon
Artwork by Paula Tongol

There is a 43,200-second difference between 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight… A difference in which the other end gives off discomfort and the other gives off peace. Bold and scorching, it is because of the sun that I cannot glare at the sky at noon. She sets my tired eyes in flames and draws wrinkles in between my eyebrows each time I try to I look above. But at the same time, it is also because of her sunshine that divine wonders arise in the same blue sky.

It is fascinating to witness how a sequence of processes can happen in a certain time span. As her golden light begins to cascade into yellow, pink, and orange hues, I get to enjoy the ability to gaze at the sky with a sense of bliss. She has mastered the art of creating a beautiful farewell. Her afterglows never cease to paint a different pattern every day – always brand new, always surprising. And the sun, she might appear greedy at noon time, taking full possession of her own spotlight. I almost forget that it is also her light that allows me to witness the beauty of the moon and night sky – a kind of beauty that embraces solitude; a night sky that allows me to look at the gigantic dead stars in the form of sparkling glitters.

As a lover of the night, she has taught me to wait for the moonlight. I may not appreciate her at 12:00 noon, but at midnight, everything becomes extra beautiful. I just hope that she will never get tired of sharing her light to the moon.



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