Secret Suitor

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secret suitor_delaney leblanc
Illustration by: Delaney LeBlanc

It’s the second term. Midterms are approaching. Everyone is either busy with requirements for midterms and requirements in applying to other schools. A group of girls is rounded up around a table in the cafeteria.

“OMG, girl! You are so lucky,” one of them excitedly spoke.

“Oh, I don’t even know the guy.” A girl with curly hair spoke dismissively.
Holding a rose, some chocolates, and a little teddy bear, she looked down at her gifts and smiled.

“Ally, you’re blushing,” another girl mockingly said.

Ally shrugged off her comment.

“I have to go. I have a big test in Chem and my prof is a killer.” Ally spoke, trying to change the topic. She waved her friends goodbye, but she couldn’t help but notice a figure by the parking lot. He seemed to be staring at her and smiled when she looked. She gave a smile. The shuttle arrived and was blocking the mystery student’s figure. As she sat down on one of the shuttle’s seats, the mystery student seemed to have left. Ally thought to herself, “Maybe he’s the mystery suitor.”

As Ally checked her locker the next day, she found another rose in her locker. I should really change the code on my locker. Yet, she smiled because of this little gesture. As she looked up from her locker, she felt as if someone was staring at her. She looked at the end of the hallway and it was the same student from yesterday. Once again, he smiled. She smiled back. She went back to class and heard her friends screeching.

“Really? This Friday? I don’t have enough to get a great costume.”

“I know right. Do you know a place where we could find great deals?”

“Oh, I know just the place!”

“What’s going on?” Ally asked curiously.

“The acquaintance party this Friday is Halloween-themed,” one of the girls squealed.

This might be the perfect time to ask Mr. Mystery his name.

“Let’s go to my place on Friday to get ready. I need your help. I think I know who’s been sending me those gifts lately.”

All the girls screamed and laughed.

The week went by in a blur. Most of the students were preoccupied with midterm exams and projects, but Ally had one thing lingering at the back of her mind. Mr. Mystery.

Friday finally came, and everyone was excited to end the very stressful week with a bang.

As the party continued, Ally had one mission—find Mr. Mystery.

Just as she was about to ask if any of her friends wanted to dance, she saw him, by the corner. She slowly approached him. He smiled and began to walk toward the dark but quiet part of the room.

“Hey there, stranger.” His voice was so low and raspy. As Ally walked closer to him, she noticed something odd. His skin seemed to be so clear. He didn’t look real. The power went off. It was pitch black. A single scream was heard all over.