Outstanding SHS students Recognized in Commencement Exercises (2019)

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The collective effort of parents, the APC faculty, and students finally paid off as 394 Senior High School students finally received their hard-earned diplomas last June 11, 2019.

President and Country General Manager Aileen Judan-Jiao from 
IBM Philippines highlighted the strategic mandate and positioning of APC when it comes to producing industry-ready graduates. “I do not know of any other school that can claim that kind of proximity with the power of even just the location,” she said.

The following students were recognized because of their academic excellence:

With Honors – ABM strand

  • Abadiano, Erika Raina B.
  • Barrameda, Einna Nicollette V.
  • Bautista, Princess July R.
  • Baylosis, Samantha Elisse A.
  • Caluya, Genesis Ace F.
  • Cuevillas, Emmanuel M.
  • Frange, Ma. Anna Joebelle G.
  • Gonio, Miguel Ramon A.
  • Gregorio, Bryan James C.
  • Hamor, Maria Janiene E.
  • Harion, Khrystelle E.
  • Laureta, Phia Marie M.
  • Mata, Ma. Shanrila Luz R.
  • Mendoza, Christine Charisse T.
  • Ocampo, Camille Rhae C.
  • Redor, Justin Gregory D.
  • Rosario, Psalm J.
  • Sanico, Elaiza B.
  • Santiago, Justin Reiner P.
  • Santos, Zhianaia Joy S.
  • Sarte, Charlize May S.
  • Sequite, Angel Mae A.
  • Somera, Jesusa C.
  • Teves, Geneva T.
  • Tiongson, Bea Trish A.
  • Zacarias, Louise Margareth P.

With Honors – STEM strand

  • Angel, Dave Vincent C.
  • Baylon, Bea Daphne B.
  • Bernardo, Winnamae Xyrille V.
  • Canape, Rheygie Andrei R.
  • Da-Anton, Steven J A.
  • Dalida, Geme Jr. E.
  • Dalisay, Keen One C.
  • De Guzman, Charwin Samantha D.
  • Diolanda, Mikaela Angela
  • Fabregas, Kirsten Pearl A.
  • Gatchalian, Roshane Paulyn G.
  • Gimena, Marianne Kirstine L.
  • Gonzales, Jean Rae Miles E.
  • Heramia, Amiel Ivan R.
  • Lamera, Rascel F.
  • Lucero, Jhun Cris M.
  • Luzara, Heavenleigh Faye C.
  • Manongdo, Revilyn O.
  • Mantuano, Lorenzo Gabriel D.
  • Mendoza, Daniela Louise S.
  • Padigdig, Jasffer T.
  • Palon, Jules Martin A.
  • Quisao, Matthew Christian A.
  • Ramirez, Julia R.
  • Revilla, Princess May C.
  • Rivera, Karl Nikolai O.
  • Santos, Jeremiah L.
  • Santos, Ken Joshua S.
  • Santos, Matthew M.
  • Tibunsay, Trizza Mae M.
  • Tinio, Jed Tristan S.
  • Villarico, Sil Benjamin D.

With High Honors –ABM Strand

  • Bautista, Maecy Stefan G.
  • Castro, Charry Anne G.
  • Dalina, Therese Joy A.
  • Gregorio, Beatrice Jobelyn N.
  • Magbojos, Ma. Antoinette P.
  • Manzano, Erika Beatrice B.
  • Sawit, Christianne Aurus P.
  • Sta. Teresa, Micah P.
  • Sustiguer, Ma. Trixi P.
  • Tamon, Mariane Grace C.
  • Taylo, Carlisle Chyll B.
  • Tiu, Johnelle Jerrel O.
  • Valdez, Danica Zhayne P.
  • Viloria, Allan T.
  • Viray, Danica Marie D.

With High Honors – STEM strand

  • Apepe, Aldous Sinbad D.
  • Ariola, Dexter Joseph P.
  • Beduya, Rissa Mikaela G.
  • Buena, Zariah R.
  • Bueno, Jason Patrick C.
  • Buentipo, Del Gabriel D.
  • Cacha, Amos Rafael J.
  • Cariño, Clarisse Casi S.
  • Chavez, Ruiz Lorenzo B.
  • Coronado, Maria Therese Algen F.
  • Cortez, Piolo Paul A.
  • Daily, Denniece Rose A.
  • Dela Cruz, Niel Angelo F.
  • Dumbrique, Kyle S.
  • Embestro, Elleoura Rica P.
  • Ferrer, Jell Andrey G.
  • Flores, Sofia Isabel L.
  • Gervacio, Arvin John F.
  • Go, John Calvin B.
  • Hildawa, Gabriel A.
  • Hilomen, Lanz Joshua S.
  • Hipe, Kharis Arielle Ann D.
  • Miranda, John David S.
  • Nortez, Jaymie C.
  • Olivares, Ronalyn Lourdez O.
  • Parrocho, Kyle Austine T.
  • Ronquillo, Lance Gerard V.
  • Santos, Mary Sunday M.
  • Silvio, Elisha P.
  • Vergara, Aldwin D.

Moreover, the following students received special awards:

  • Castro, Charry Anne G. – Outstanding Performance in Mathematics
  • Viray, Danica Marie D. – Outstanding Performance in Communication Arts; Outstanding Performance in Social Science; Meritorious Performance in the Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand
  • Santos, Mary Sunday M. – Outstanding Performance in Science; Meritorious Performance in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand

“We’re all thinking the same thing; we are proud to be part of Batch 2019, to be a Baby Ram, and to be one with APC,” Mary Sunday Santos said as she delivered her welcoming remarks.

Dr. Teresita Medado with Aileen Judan-Jiao
Aileen Judan-Jiao, President and Country General Manager of IBM Philippines, encourages students to aim for excellence