APC hits “Top 20” in Smart’s Nationwide Competition

By: Philip James P. Erpelo

Students bring honor to NU-Asia Pacific College by having been able to submit a notable entry in the innovations competition which was organized by Smart Communications, Inc. Out of 163 entries from 51 schools all over the country, NU-APC's school project gains nationwide attention by securing a spot in the Top 20.

The group is composed of three members, namely Ferdinand Lance Bundoc (4th Year, BS Computer Engineering), Ivan Jasper Evangelista (4th Year, BS IT-MI), and Jamie Therese Gahallon (4th Year, BS Computer Engineering). Ms. Marielet Guillermo serves as the team's mentor.

"Persistent effort and continuous learning are two elements that turn a particular team into a force to be reckoned with," Lance said. In line with this, Jamie identifies diversity as the team's greatest asset. "The Elite Group of Innovators is composed of students from different schools (SoE and SoCIT); we take advantage of our differences by learning from each other and by striving to push each other's limits," she explained.

The SWEEP Innovation and Excellence Awards competition started out in 2004. It is annually conducted by Smart in order to encourage students from all over the Philippines to acknowledge their contribution to the field of wireless applications development. Through this endeavor, participants are encouraged to see the bigger picture of how simple school projects can provide technological solutions to real-world problems. NU-APC is proud of its students for having been able to showcase their brilliance in the 15th anniversary of the SWEEP awards.

To those who also aspire to tread the "Smart SWEEP journey," Ivan said, "It took a hundred failures before I came up with one success; giving up has never been an option. Having faith in myself, and most especially in God, has allowed me to run my race with perseverance."

The team has been invited to attend the upcoming SWEEP Awards Boot Camp. The school is in full support of its students' journey toward academic and professional success.