APC Teams Bag 5th and 7th Place Overall at the MonsoonSIM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Competition Philippines 2017

As reported by: Manny Magbuhat of the School of Management

Last Saturday, September 9, 2017, the MonsoonSIM International ERP Competition, an annual team tournament was held at the National University in Manila.

Designed to encourage students to learn and appreciate ERP, or Enterprise Resources planning, in innovative learning-by-doing ways, students competed in teams of 4-5 and were assigned to run a virtual enterprise and compete with other virtual companies being run by other players. Throughout the competitions, players learned more and more on:

- how to run a successful business with limited resources
- what concepts are involved in managing a large business
- how to adapt changing business environments
- what an ERP system is and how it helps our business

At the end of the competition, two teams from APC won 5th and 7th Place Overall composed of the following team of students:

APC TEAM 2 - 5th Place
Louize Laine Antonio
Matthew Murillo
Merife Salinas
Latrell Sombilon
Mason Davis

APC TEAM 1 - 7th Place
Dauphin Oler
Micole Balabat
Athena Marie Mata
Nash Lomondaya
Michelle Manlubatan

Congratulations to you guys!