Marked as Victorious

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Marked as Victorious _Angelo Robles
Illustrated by: Angelo Robles

It’s so easy to love someone for who they are but so hard to love our own selves
Craving for a new look every time I look at the mirror
and seeing my flawed body that screams for attention
Right in front of me is my reflection of the good and bad days I’ve endured and surpassed,
And then I realized, every inch of me, every part of my existence
Speaks as the gift of the universe to me, my life’s prize

All the words you said that made me start to believe
that I am a celestial that governs the highlands
The sweet caress of your poetry to my ears
that flutters the heart that sleeps in the deep abyss
Enveloping me with your warm hands of sanguinity and cold serene of solidity
My one, you are the only protector of the life I’m starting to embrace and love

You taught me how to stand on my own, how to fight my own battles and lose my own war
Over the years we’ve been together, riding this life with you by my side
I discovered, we cannot control others., but we can control ourselves,
the entity that resides in our hearts
No one will ever get hold of my tranquility, the sovereignty of my own life in my hands

Plowing the beauty of my self-identity in this world full of mishaps and adversities
Looking in every eye that I see, whispering loudly that I wouldn’t conform to their atrocity
Oblivious to the external surroundings, I delve inside my world of bliss as you guide me
Traveling far away from the toxicity underneath those kind and caring pieces of jewelry

We cry the song of love that makes me alive and happy
Tonight, as I play the rhythm of sweet victory that I have gained from accepting myself
I choose my own path, the direction where I want to be and who I want to be
Sailing the vast sea, ready to face the twists I’ll encounter my journey

To you, the person in the mirror, I owe you one for this transformation