by: Ms. Rhea-Luz Valbuena

Asia Pacific College (APC) made it! We successfully held our very first Global Game Jam (GGJ) last January 26 -28, 2018, in partnership with the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), Philippines. Coincidentally, it is also the 10th year of GGJ.

GGJ is a prestigious international event for the game industry as game developers, artists and hobbyists from all over the world, meet and collaborate together for 48 hours to create a game based on a theme, given at the start of the jam. The jammers do not look forward to any prizes or special recognitions but the self-worth and glory of making a game under a deadline says it all. The best part of the jam is the 48-hour camaraderie of new found friends or team-mates as one will be grouped to develop the game, all in-sync with developers around the world.

The jam provides an avenue for game enthusiasts to apply everything they have learned and collaborate with others to make a game – whether you are a game artist, animator or game developer. This is where one’s learnings, competencies and skills are put to a test on a tight deadline.

APC’s BS EMC jammers were partnered and made to collaborate with industry practitioners! The industry practitioners have also seen the caliber of our students at work being part of their team. Further, APCians have also had the opportunity to work students from Taguig City University, Philippine Women’s University and De La Salle – College of St. Benilde.

It was a memorable event for our Gaming Genesis - student organization, as they were able to successfully handle, as co-organizers, an international event such as this.

APC’s name is already in the gaming world map. The School of Computing and Information Technologies (SoCIT) and School of Multimedia and the Arts (SoMA) will continue to provide such avenues for global learning and collaboration, not only to our students but to all the members of the APC community.

Real Projects. Real Learning.

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