Research Forum 2017: Culminating SoCIT’s 1st Term

The School of Computing and Information Technologies ended the 1st term of SY 2017-2018 with the presentation of the research paper accomplishments of Computer Science students with the end in view of showcasing to the lower years to the kind of acceptable and doable research projects in the school. Research Forum 2017 was conducted at the auditorium last September 6, 2017 and was attended by students enrolled in Project Based Learning (PBL) subjects. The event was also attended by the research-oriented faculty members of SoCIT as panel of judges in selecting the top 3 research papers as Best Thesis. The members of the panel of judges are: Roselle Wednesday Gardon, Edmundo Casiño, Lorena Rabago, Manuel Calimlim Jr. and Manuel Sebastian Sanchez. The best thesis were chosen using the following criteria: Purpose, Content, Organization, Grammar & Writing Mechanics, Tone, and Use and Quality of References. Below are the Top 3 Best Thesis:


Research Team

Research Title


Best Thesis

1st Place

Ballesteros, Faith

Capuz, Paulo Miguel

Mallari, Samantha

Samillano, Eva 

Quickgrade: A Plug-in for Detecting Cyberbullying Occurrences in Filipino Social Media Posts

Ernesto Boydon

Best Thesis

2nd Place

Abrera, Jenna Ann

Laureta, Maria Letty

Miculob, Kent Michael

Valencia, Fatima Audrey 

Harassment Exposure Model using Sentiment Analysis on Facebook Pages

Justin Pineda

Best Thesis

3rd Place

Cejoco, Pamely Kimberly

Heramil, Joanna Mae

Hipolito, Rocenoelle

Ordonez, Angela Camille

Verano, Ruy Josel

Detecting Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information in Facebook Images using Artificial Neural Networks

Ernesto Boydon

The following research papers were also presented during the forum.

Research Title

Research Team


Automated Faculty Loading using Multicriteria Prioritization Algorithm

Alfafara, Von Matthew

Baldovino, Allen Aguila

Jauod, Jameiah Nicole

Lazaro, Louise Gabrielle

Rhea-Luz Valbuena

ProjectNetSecCor: Enhancing Solution Assignment of Tree Correlation Technique in Mitigating Network Based Attacks

De Guzman, Joanna

Mayor, Miguel Jaime

Tobias, Adrian

Tomas, Gener Joseph

Justin Pineda

Classification of Images of Different Selected Banana Cultivars using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks

Ambas, Aaron Andrei

Gonzales, Jefferson

Huet, Juan Diego

Sulabo, Kyle Rafael

Jayvee Cabardo

Determining Nitrogen Level of Rice Crop through Image Processing using Color Detection and Classification

Brugada, Jr. Jesus

Clemente, Justine Jecile

Gloria, Romulus Diego

Roguel,Jairius Adrian

Ruiz, Angelica Laurene

Jayvee Cabardo

PENTA.PY: An Agent-Based Self-  Healing Network Model

Diocampo, Genesis

Hipolito, Joanna Marie Pauline

Jovellano,Monique Isabela

Pachico, Mikhaela Francesca

Justin Pineda

The thesis program for the 1st term is under Lorena W. Rabago, subject professor together with Ernesto C. Boydon, Computer Science Program Director and Ms. Rhea-Luz R. Valbuena, Executive Director of School of Computing and Information Technologies.

Kudos to all the presenters and advisers, the members of the panel of judges, PBL students, PBL subjects professors, officers and members of Junior Philippine Computer Society(JPCS-APC Chapter) headed by Gabriel Angelo Estabillo and Dr. Manuel Calimlim Jr. as adviser, SoCIT faculty members and PBL coordinator, Manuel Sebastian Sanchez. Special thanks to Mr. Ernesto C. Boydon and Ms. Rhea-Luz R. Valbuena for their support and guidance to make this academic endeavor successful.