Sharmaine Alilin


Artwork by Paula Tongol Clothed with the sun’s warm welcome, she radiantly smiles at every color that flies in and out of her islas. Even after battling for 333 times, she still courageously flaunts the 7,641 treasures she naturally possesses. She likes to dance in celebration of Panagbenga and swim along with the Bisayas. Her …

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“Just Bomb My Location, Sir!”

“Serving the people, securing the land.” Growing up as the daughter of a military soldier, I have witnessed how the men in uniform pledge and uphold their commitment to the country. We often see them mounting 10-wheeler trucks, wearing camouflage uniforms, and carrying protective gears. Sometimes, jogging in groups, wearing uniform athletic attires, and exhaustingly …

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Filipina CEO Circle redefines success for Graduating Students

Graduation is fast approaching. The excitement and enthusiasm of APC’s Grade 12 students were seen during the “Inspired Conversations” talk at the APC Auditorium last July 19, 2019. Senior high school Director Kimberly Malate hosted the event. After the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, APC President Teresita Medado gave her opening remarks. She introduced …

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