APC warmly welcomes Freshmen and Grade 11 students

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The college plays an important role in safeguarding the mental health of its freshmen. In an online article titled “How to Help Your College Freshman Avoid Depression,” U.S. News Contributor David Levine said, “The excitement of this big event soon shifts to the day-to-day reality of life away from home, friends, and the predictability of high school.”

In view of this global phenomenon, APC is determined to make the transition process smoother for its freshmen and Grade 11 students. By conducting an orientation, new students were made aware of what it feels like to be an APCian.

A handbook orientation was also conducted. It contains a comprehensive guide on how students can enjoy their academic journey by following important rules and instructions. On June 26 and 28, administrators and heads spent time to explain how different offices in APC work hand in hand to provide them with a conducive environment for learning. The college is determined to give its all-out support from start to finish.