APC sealed historical alliance with RSA

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RSA awarded APC with a certificate of commemoration last April 24, 2019 for being the very first academic institution in the Philippines to become its education alliance partner.

The MOU signing ceremony was conducted at the Top of the Citi. It was witnessed by the following people:

APC representatives:

  • Dr. Teresita Medado, President
  • Josephine Dela Cuesta, Institutional Services Executive Director
  • Johanna Minglana, Student Services Executive Director
  • Jayvee Cabardo, External Relations Director
  • Manuel Sanchez; Associate Professor, Project-based Learning Coordinator and Consultant
  • Philip Erpelo, Publications Head

RSA officials:

  • George Lee, Vice President – Asia Pacific & Japan
  • Ramon Karingal, Chief InfoSec Advocate
  • Shiela Vasquez, Accountant Director
  • Ronnie Latinazo, Country General Manager at Dell EMC Philippines

Through this alliance, APC will integrate RSA materials into SoCIT courses. The academic partnership will also provide the school with cybersecurity training and research opportunities for its faculty. The school aims to eventually provide students with their very own security lab. This will help them to manage digital risks in this tech-savvy world.

RSA is known for supplying business-driven security solutions to more than 30,000 customers, safeguarding more than 50 million identities, and shielding more than one billion consumers worldwide against digital attacks.

Photos by Philip Erpelo